Monday, April 6, 2015

The internal battle

Everyday is a battle inside.  My eyes look out into this world and see all the beauty that has been placed in front of me. Im smiling the trees are beautiful the grass is green and the sky has not one cloud. Yet inside im at war.  At war with emotions that i cannot control.  A river of tears that keeps flowing.  My smiles hide the reality that even with all of this beauty there is still something missing. Pushing and pulling every button on my heart im fighting tooth and nail to keep that smile going no matter what happens.  Yet that happiness fades just as quickly as it came. A rush of anger and love thats seeping through every pore hoping to get noticed. Working hard i can only keep my soul clear til i get that second to stop and then it all rushes back like warriors laying in wait ready to jump out after the storm. As much as ive circled my mind looking for answers there's just somethings that cant be explained. Each one i watch come and go as quickly as the last. I blink and something happened like damn not again.  Back to work where those thoughts will disappear once more. An infinite battle. Yet that smile still stays strong. Just look closely for my eyes tell the story, my lips only hide reality.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Free Falling

Feeling the weight lift beneath you. Your body becomes free. Mind becomes blank and instantly every breath is easier to take. Your view is of the blue sky and white blotches of clouds dotted like a painting. Everything around you is collapsing.  The very things you gave your sweat blood and tears for. At that instant when you blink your eyes and poof it all disappeared. A sudden wave comes over your body. Your falling. The dollars in your pocket dwindle and your left looking at the sky wondering what will hit you next. Its at that point you reach out and save yourself from hitting bottom. Still salvaging what you can. Just stop free falling before you wake up and life has come and gone.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Introduction

Its a crisp spring morning in a tropical paradise.  Palm trees line the rows, fast walkers are doing their usual route, papers can be heard being unfolded and coffee percolating.  The pace is slow but swift. Snuggled away is a 16ft metropolis. Maybe a little rough but not impossible.  As you get close you hear the faint bark of a little dog thats been with me for two years. Zodiac aka zo little dachshund terrier that is loyal and my best bud a constant reminder of responsibility.  If your following from Facebook then you may know my story. Been on a long road to where i am at now hitting the reset button way too many times. I came out of them stronger as most people would. Im California born but currently residing in Florida after hitting the reset button once more. This Time it was to start a journey I grew up on. Not running from anything nor chasing anything for my dream is to search the unknown take a chance and live with a smile. 23 traveling the country with my dog and whatever can fit in my little chevy s10. As i progress through the states i will post art from the region as well as my own poetry